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Name: double handle cryolipolysis slimming machine

Model Number: RL-G03

Product Description

1. Main Function

1.Body shaping,fat dissolving,repel the cellulite.

2.Lymphatic drainage,promoting metabolism&blood circulation.

3.Decrease the excessive water and prevent the fat from accumulation.

4.Tightening skin,strengthen skin elasticity,skin lift

5.Clear belly wrinkles,especially the stretch marks.

6.Complementing the collagen,skin rejuvenation.

2.Preparation Before Use

1. Install the 4 attached caster wheels on the machine, fasten the screws.

2. Install the attached on-hook on the machine, put the probes into the corresponding racks.

3. Before using the Cryolipolysis Fat freeze Slimming Machine, it is required to open the inlet

and overflow behind for adding distilled water or purified water.

4. Connect the attached water funnel to the inlet, start adding purified water until water flows

out from the overflow, and then close the inlet and overflow.

5. Check the host power cable is connected.

6. Check the key switch of machine is connected.

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