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Name: em sculpt slimming muscle building machine

Model Number: RL-X14

Product Description


1、 Who is suitable for HI-FEM beauty muscle instrument?
This technique can provide beneficial muscle tightening for most people. Five groups are sorted
①Women who need to gain muscle and change their shape-buttocks, waistcoat line, to show women
a graceful posture.
②Men who need to gain muscle and change their body-gain muscle, especially sculpted
chocolate muscle.
③People who need to lose weight-suitable for both men and women, more suitable for busy
office workers
④Those people who need to lose weight quickly-brides,models, actors, etc.⑤Postpartum mothe(
r Separation of rectus abdominis)——Improve the shape of the abdominal
muscles and shape a flat abdomen
2、Is there a difference in the effect of abdominal treatment with one or two treatment
heads? How should we choose?
A: It is recommended that all patients use two treatment heads at the same time. Both treatment
heads must be in full contact with the skin, and not hover sideways or extend beyond the
treatment area. This will ensure that all abdominal muscles are treated and activated. Using one
treatment head at a time is only recommended for patients with small care sites. Both therapies
are equally effective.
3、Will it melt fat while lifting the hips?
A: Many studies have confirmed that the metabolic activity of buttock fat is lower than that of
abdominal fat. Because of this, it will not dissolve fat when treating buttocks.4、Is the depth of energy penetration safe? Will it affect the internal organs?
A: HIFEM technology has existed for decades, and its safety has been proven by dozens of
studies. The only tissue that responds to energy is motor neurons, so it has no effect on other
tissues including organs.
5、How is the feeling to do HIFEM beauty muscle machine? Will it hurt?
A: The process is painless and noninvasive. There is no need for anesthesia. The feeling during
the treatment is the same as that of your muscles during intense exercise.
6、How long will a course of treatment take? How long will it take effect?
A: 4 times for a course of treatment, interval 2-3 days to do once, generally open a card set 6-8
courses of treatment, which can get good results. The best results are in the 2-4 weeks after the
treatment. To break down fat and increase muscle mass, patients need to be patient. Usually after
4-6 treatments, muscle mass increases by approximately 16% and fat can be reduced by 19%.7、How long will the effect last?
A:The effect can be maintained for one year after 6 courses. But some people may need additional
treatment to achieve the best results. If you have a course of treatment every 2-3 months, you can
maintain a better and best condition.At the same time, customers can visit the store multiple times.
8、How long does it take ?
A:There is no need for manual operation, and the automatic mode of calcination is set, and it
only takes 30 minutes each time.
9、Does the magnetic energy of this instrument have radiation? Is it safe?
A: The movement of human muscle is driven by magnetic vibration energy, not by
electromagnetic radiation. Radiation on the human body feel hot, but our HIFEM beauty muscle
instrument is not hot at all when it works in the human body. It emits less radiation than our
regular cell phones. We also specially made a test report for it, which proved that its radiation
range is within the national safety electrical appliances ! If so, this technology will not be
certified by the US FDA and used in foreign hospitals.10、Is the thick fat layer not suitable for HIFEM beauty muscle instrument?
A: HIFEM technology can penetrate 8 cm below muscle layer. However, if the patient's fat is
thick, the energy may not be able to penetrate into the muscle tissue thoroughly, so it is difficult
to make the muscle contract and achieve the therapeutic effect.
11、Can it be combined with other body care treatments?
It can be combined with some non-traumatic fat-removing care, such as various fat-reducing
equipment, to eliminate more fat. In addition, it can be combined with some postpartum repair
care to improve the health and physical problems of postpartum women.

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